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Rebecca KempFor as long as I can remember I've always loved science and nature. I've always had pets, and those of us who has grown up with them know you learn so much from them. I've also always been fascinated with the cosmos. When I was very little, I used to study the stars and planets. I found out about constellations and the mythological stories behind them. When I found that a lot of it pertained to animals - BINGO! - that's when the love for fantasy and wildlife bloomed. My love for H.P. Lovecraft came later when I went to college.

In my family I have an artistic mother, father and grandmother - so the ability gallops through my genetics. I started at a very young age drawing and painting. I was encouraged by my family when I was little, but by the time college rolled along, more "practical" considerations had to be made. I went to Fitchburg State as a psychology major. It came as no surprise that I later switched majors to graphic design. However, even this was too technical for me, so I switched again. I transferred to U. Mass Lowell and took Fine Art. That's when I realized that all clients really care about is your portfolio, not your grades or what school you went to.

I currently work full time at home in lovely Salem, New Hampshire, rendering custom work and designing web sites.


  • Usage & Copyright
    1. What is your usage policy for images on this site?
    2. If I buy an image or item can I use it in my own product or reproduce it?
    3. What if I see misuse of your art?
    4. Can you tell me more about copyrighting?
    5. Can I get a tattoo of one of your images?
  • Site Information
    1. What's your privacy or security policy?
    2. Do you have a mailing list?
    3. I am experiencing trouble with the site. Why?
  • Commercial Use & Commissions
    1. I want to use your art on a commercial item. How can I do this?
    2. Do you take commissions for…?
  • Usage & Copyright

    What is your usage policy for images on this site?
    Simply stated, the art and material on this site cannot be modified or reproduced in any way. An image may only be removed and displayed in a personal gallery outside this site if it remains unaltered in any way, including all credit and url information that is currently present on the image and is in a noncommercial environment. Please state that they may not be removed from your site.

    Absolutely NO stationary, signatures, banners, web sets, psp tubes, skins, or any of the other hundreds of ways the art might be used. It may only be displayed just like it is now shown in the galleries - in its complete and unedited form.

    All images found at this site are ultimately © Rebecca Kemp regardless of usage.

    If I buy an image or item can I use it in my own product or reproduce it?
    Sorry, no. All of my images or items using my images are sold in a specific form. Modifying and reselling them in another form is not legal. The term for this is "derivative works right" or "modification right". Only the artist has the right to modify the creation. This "no-modification" also applies to the purchase of an original work; the artist still retains full ownership over reproduction, etc. This law does not apply to the resale of an item. An item may legally be resold if in its original, non-modified form. This law protects the artist's ability to present his/her art as they intend, commercially or non-commercially. (For Example: A calendar cannot be cut apart and sold separately - this is against modification right and is illegal)

    What if I see misuse of your art?
    If you see the misuse of my art anywhere (illegal commercial usage, usage against the usage policy, etc.) feel free to let me know via e-mail. If you wish to help me out feel free to let them know they are in violation of my usage policy, or even worse, most likely breaking the law (it's tough for me to keep up with all the reports I get). We've found that most people in violation aren't doing so maliciously, they're just not aware of the law / policy.

    Can you tell me more about copyrighting?
    My art has been registered in the US Copyright Office (http://www.copyright.gov/). Copyright registration protects the artist to a much greater extent including allowing the ability to civilly sue an infringer not only to cease and desist but to also recover any monetary compensation for damages. Many on-line resources are available to artisans to aid them in understanding the tangle of copyright law. See the following sites for good information:

    U.S. Copyright Office - http://www.copyright.gov/
    R.I.G.H.T.S. - http://www.rightsforartists.com/copyright.html
    WHATISCOPYWRITE - http://whatiscopyright.org/
    10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained - http://www.templetons.com/brad/copymyths.html

    Can I get a tattoo of one of your images?
    I allow the use of my images for personal tattoos, however I do not provide stencils for their creation. This is usually done by the tattoo artist. Tattoo artists are not allowed to offer my images commercially. If you get one of my images tattooed on you, please remind the tattoo artist that the image is copyrighted and may not again be offered beyond your use (they aren't to retain the stencil they've created and offer it again). Please feel free to e-mail me a photo of your tattoo of my art and I may post it on this site!

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    Site Information

    Can I link to your site?
    If you wish to place a link on your site back to me, first off, Thank You! Feel free to do so - no need to ask for prior permission. I really appreciate your support.

    What's your privacy or security policy?
    I personally do not share information with anyone for any reason. My server does use cookies to store information about each visitor to this website. My various fulfillment agents have their own policies. You may see Fine Art America's here and CafePress' here.

    Do you have a mailing list?
    Not yet, but I plan to soon.

    I am experiencing trouble with the site. Why?
    If you are experiencing trouble during checkout or elsewhere, several items may be the cause. The most common cause of problems while operating within this site is overzealous pop-up controls or firewalls. Hardware or software firewalls (like Zonealarm, etc) or proxies that restrict normal data flow between the browser and the server often cause issues when left at their default settings.

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    Commercial Use & Commissions

    I want to use your art on a commercial item. How can I do this?
    Commercial use of my art is prohibited without completed prior contractual agreements. If you have a proposal you wish to pass along, you may do so via e-mail.

    Do you offer commissions?
    On rare occasions, I take commissions. When I can do them is entirely random, so it is best to simply ask if I am available.


    You may contact me via email with any questions or comments.

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