Website Rebirth! - Ferine Fire

Website Rebirth!

Welcome to Ferine Fire 2.0!

I’ve made it easier for myself to upload new art, so now I have no more excuses.

Here’s what’s new in this website:


My Favorite Breed is Adopted stickerI have many new cool versions of my silhouettes and many more to come.

I have also added “FUN STUFF” under the navigation ARTWORK. That is where I will post miscellaneous stuff, which generally include weird ideas that have to come out, else they may hold me and my family hostage.


The print-on-demand sites have quadrupled over the years. I remember the days when it was just CafePress and Zazzle. Now there’s RedBubble, Threadless, Society6, TeePublic and more! Having all these diverse companies means way more cool stuff for you. From shower curtains to shirt dresses, and phone cases to skateboards, you could literally dress yourself and furnish your whole house with Ferine Fire swag.


Custom Kid ArtAbout a year ago, I tried a new venture: making professional drawings from children’s art. I was inspired by my son’s art, and decided to see if others were interested in this kind of service.

Sadly, I couldn’t devote the marketing needed for it to really take off, but I didn’t want to let it completely die on the vine. I mean, there’s some REALLY cool art there, and it needs to seen.

I’ll still happily accept more commissions if you are interested in immortalizing your child’s art. Kids LOVE seeing their imagination “come to life”, as it were, and I adore their unbridled creativity.


One of my side gigs is I am a science enrichment teacher for preschoolers and early elementary students. I use a tremendous amount of my creativity in designing a fun and engaging experiences for the kids. My main objective is for them to associate SCIENCE with FUN. I hope to share these experiences with everyone, so I want to include a spot for this on this website. But for now, I will simply have to say COMING SOON….


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