Fantasy Art | Featuring fantasy paintings in acrylic and digital media.

Fantasy Art

Traditional & Digital Fantasy Paintings

An artist’s imagination, when truly unleashed, can rival none other.  Rebecca Kemp has demonstrated this in her collection of fantasy art.  The artist’s inspiration comes from many muses, including childhood fables, mythological creatures and much more.  The fantasy art also combines elements of wildlife art to create a stunning piece that is unlike anything that you have seen before.

Welcome to my fantasy art gallery. Here you will find subjects ranging from assassins and wizards, to anthropomorphic – or “furry art”. I also paint mythological subjects, especially Egyptian mythology. All the artwork has titles and descriptions below each piece so you can learn about my inspiration for each one.

I primarily work in acrylic paints and digital media. Most of my work is available as a print and sometimes other gifts. I do have a few original paintings for sale as well. Please contact me if you are interested in a piece and I will give you a quote. Occasionally I am available for commissions. Please send me a note and I will let you know if I am available.

Thank you and enjoy!

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