May 2019 - Ferine Fire
Why be an OK Dane, when you can be a Great Dane?

Doggy Humor

Just some random doggy humor on a Friday afternoon. “Why be an OK Dane, when you can be a Great Dane?” Perfect for dog lovers and Great Dane owners.
Phoenix fire

Website Rebirth!

Welcome to Ferine Fire 2.0! I’ve made it easier for myself to upload new art, so now I have no more excuses. Here’s what’s new in this website: NEW
Aztec Angel

Aztec Angel

Welcome the latest addition to Ferine Fire, the magestic Quetzalcoatl. Four designs to choose from – so far. More to come! Love this design, check all the cool swag!
tuxedo cat

What Animal Are You? – Quiz

Find out what qualities you share with these animals.
Mother of Starbucks

New Art!

Most of you know about the Game of Thrones coffee cup gaff. If not, here is a still frame of the mistake: It was quietly removed by HBO, so