Meet the Artist

Rebecca Gallant

Rebecca Gallant was born in 1969 as Rebecca Starr Kemp. Her artistic talent was clear at a young age. She earned her first blue ribbon at a fantasy art show in Boston, MA at the age of 12. She was awarded an art scholarship in high school and furthered her skills in college at various times. Areas of study included psychology, communications, fine art and graphic design.

Rebecca has always had a love of nature, science, art and mythology. These passions have always influenced her art. Mixing realism with imaginative subjects has always been her signature style.

In 1996, she married Michael Gallant, an author and paramedic, and in 2007, had her first and only son, Seth. It was through her son's drawings that she got the idea to illustrate them. This was beginning of Custom Kid Art.

She now resides in Salem, NH and works out of her home with her own web design business, Gallantry Web Design, her personal fine art at Ferine Fire, and whimsical work at Custom Kid Art.

The artist, Rebecca Gallant